Doc's Coach (english) - Basic Measurements and Procedures

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Doc's Coach (english)

The title "Doc's Coach" is designed for medical students, interns and residents, as well as for paramedics and nursery personell on ICU, OR and Anaethesiology Departments. It contains detailed descriptions of over 30 medical skills: Each procedure is explained step-by-step with numerous images from the performer's point of view: From hygienic hand disinfection over venous and arterial punction techniques to more complex procedures like the placement of chest tubes, intubation, resuscitation or endoscopic techniques.

Each step is visualized by a separate image - even common pitfalls are highlighted. Additional quiz cases provide the opportunity for self-testing.

Contents of: Doc's Coach (english) - Basic Measurements and Procedures

Measuring Blood Pressure
Measuring Central Venous Pressure
ECG Leads
Bedside Test before Blood Transfusions
Removing a Foreign Body from the Eye
Blood Glucose Testing
Use of Hickman / Broviac and Port Catheters
Gastric Tube
Urinary Catheter

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